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Can I Challenge A Will?

29th May 2015

Leaving a Will is supposed to ensure that your family remain protected and looked after when you die but sometimes there are ambiguities that can call into question the validity of a Will. Even if there are ambiguities, what can you actually do about it? It really does depend on the circumstances,...

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Trouble with Your Neighbours?

27th May 2015

A disagreement with your neighbours over a boundary can quickly escalate into a dispute that can cause permanent damage to your relationship and create bad feeling between you. If you are facing this situation, you may feel worried, stressed and anxious at home, which is not sustainable. Therefore,...

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New Legislation on Company Name Change

20th May 2015

The government has been on a drive to reduced red tape for businesses and consulted on the issues affecting businesses and companies when it came to names and the complexity of the process. As a result of this consultation back in autumn 2013, a number of changes have been implemented and have come...

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What Rights Do We Have If We Live Together?

13th May 2015

For many couples, making the decision to live together can be the next step in commitment. There may not be much thought put into the legal implications of cohabitation, which is fine at the beginning, when the relationship is probably on good ground. However if things do become strained and there...

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What Is A Settlement Agreement?

23rd Apr 2015

A settlement agreement can be used by an employer to offer an employee the chance to leave their employment with a financial settlement and normally a good reference to take with them, with the express understanding that they cannot take them to an employment tribunal. Settlement agreements, formal...

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Leaving a Legacy

21st Apr 2015

Deciding to leave a legacy to a charity in your Will can have a number of benefits. First and foremost, it can be a way to ensure that your memory lives on by doing good work after you die. You might have strong affiliations with a charity in your lifetime and perhaps they are working towards a spe...

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