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Medical Negligence – Can you Claim?

26th Jun 2015

The NHS in the UK offers care to everyone free of charge and in many respects it is a model that is looked upon with envy from many parts of the world.  Most of us have experiences of the care provided by the NHS which run from excellent to perhaps not so good.  However when does “no...

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The Cost of the ‘Pothole'

8th Jun 2015

Britain’s roads are in an extremely bad state of disrepair and the cost of putting them right might seem to make it pointless to repair them.  However, the cost to you where the local authority has not carried out its duties could be greater.  Potholes represent a very real hazard...

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Can I Challenge A Will?

29th May 2015

Leaving a Will is supposed to ensure that your family remain protected and looked after when you die but sometimes there are ambiguities that can call into question the validity of a Will. Even if there are ambiguities, what can you actually do about it? It really does depend on the circumstances,...

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Trouble with Your Neighbours?

27th May 2015

A disagreement with your neighbours over a boundary can quickly escalate into a dispute that can cause permanent damage to your relationship and create bad feeling between you. If you are facing this situation, you may feel worried, stressed and anxious at home, which is not sustainable. Therefore,...

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