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Coronavirus and my children

30th Mar 2020

With families across the UK and far beyond facing incredibly difficult challenges, we want to reassure you that we are here for you. A particular concern raised by a number of our clients in recent days is in relation to arrangements for their children. Parents who have separated or divorced and wh...

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Keeping your Will safe

28th Feb 2020

You’ve made a Will, but can you remember where you put it? It’s all very well going through the process of setting out who should benefit in particular ways after your death, but those wishes may not be carried out if your Will cannot be found. As with all official paperwork, your origi...

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Bereavement leave

21st Feb 2020

Of all the employment law changes set to take effect in April, ‘Jack’s Law’ could be one of the most significant.  The Government announced plans to introduce a right for a parent who has lost a child to take two weeks’ statutory leave from work. This follows the campai...

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Separation agreements

14th Feb 2020

When a marriage or civil partnership breaks down, the finality of divorce or dissolution can be daunting. Some clients who tell us that their relationship is definitely over, still waiver when it comes to committing to the legal process that will sever ties with their former partner. That’s u...

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Disputing a Will

7th Feb 2020

When a person prepares their Will, they have a legitimate expectation that the wishes they have expressed will be carried through. They will usually have thought long and hard about how they would like their assets dealt with after their death, earmarking certain possessions for family members or fr...

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A popular time for divorce

17th Jan 2020

It’s that time of year again. Time for two big words: Divorce Day..  Much is made in the media of the first Monday in January, dubbed ‘Divorce Day’ because it’s apparently the most popular day in the year for filing divorce petitions… and there is something to th...

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Disputes with a builder

20th Dec 2019

There is something particularly emotive about a domestic building issue. A home is a sanctuary. When that peace gets disrupted by building work (everyone understands that some disruption is inevitable), the owner will just want that work to be completed as quickly, efficiently and professionally as...

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Unfair dismissal

13th Dec 2019

Lord Sugar’s iconic parting shot may be the perfect dramatic climax, but ‘you’re fired’ are words rarely heard in workplaces these days. When it comes to employees (and remember that contestants on The Apprentice are not), the law lays down some pretty strong protections. On...

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Evicting a tenant

6th Dec 2019

A tenancy is like any other business arrangement. Each party must stick to their side of the bargain and do the things they’re supposed to do. And, crucially, there will be a set way of bringing things to an end if they’re not working out or if one party simply wants to move on. Landlor...

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Relationships at work

29th Nov 2019

If ever there was a story that poured cold water on the idea of an office romance, it’s this one. McDonald’s CEO Steve Easterbrook recently left the business after his relationship with an employee was said to have been poor judgement and a violation of company policy. For many people,...

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