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Reform of the divorce process

18th Apr 2019

It’s been a momentous month for Family Law. The Government has announced that it will be bringing in legislation that will enable a couple to divorce without having to cast blame for the breakdown of their relationship. Why is this such a significant move? The divorce process that has been i...

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Firm News

1st Apr 2019

The Partners of Barker Son & Isherwood are delighted to announce the promotion of Zoë McManus to Partner on 1st April. Zoë joined the firm in December 2017 as Head of our Private Client Department. She has considerable expertise and experience in advising and drafting on all aspects...

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CGT on divorce

29th Mar 2019

If the emotional and practical aspects of a divorce are not enough of a challenge for a couple, the idea of dividing up finances and physical assets certainly can be. As difficult as that part of the process may be, there is no getting away from it. Both parties will want a fair settlement and that...

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Making an Inheritance Act claim

11th Mar 2019

When a person makes a Will, they can usually expect its terms to be carried through after their death. We say ‘usually’ because there are situations in which people who had expected to benefit in particular ways from a Will can bring a legal challenge and, if successful, alter the inher...

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