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Boundary Dispute that won’t go away?

25th Nov 2019

For those of us who see our home as a sanctuary, the idea of becoming embroiled in a disagreement with a neighbour is unappetising, to say the least. No sensible person would welcome a falling out with the people next door. But disagreements about the extent of each person’s property, and abo...

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The post-divorce ‘right’ to contact

22nd Nov 2019

Divorce brings about monumental change. From finances to living arrangements, every aspect of family life must adjust to fit in within the practical aspects of separation. When it comes to children, the reality of splitting time between two parents can take a lot of getting used to. The usual scena...

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Should you buy that business?

15th Nov 2019

‘I’ve found this great business. It’s perfect. It’s for sale. I’ll need to be fast.’ Not every client brings us such exciting news, but it is common for our corporate team to be asked to help make a deal happen quickly. Our one, firm message at the outset: you ha...

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Redundancy & Settlement Agreements

1st Nov 2019

If you are facing redundancy we know it can be a difficult time. We are here to advise you on all the legal aspects. Employers should have a clear, defined redundancy process and discuss with an employee ways to avoid redundancy including the offer of alternative employment. There should be a fair p...

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Family mediation

31st Oct 2019

There is no getting away from the fact that divorce is an extremely testing process for couples. It forces them to unpick the details of their joint lives and have difficult conversations about the terms on which they will each move on from the relationship. The most challenging aspect of divorce f...

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Pre-nuptial agreements

25th Oct 2019

Two people embarking on marriage should be prepared to make many promises to each other. To have, to hold, to love, to cherish. But what about promising to split assets 70/30 if things don’t work out? It won’t be the most romantic conversation you’ll have with your partner in the...

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Co-parenting after separation

9th Aug 2019

When two parents separate, there cannot be a clean break in its truest sense. Of course, financial and other ties can be undone and each person can move on with their life to a certain extent but the bond that connects parents to their children and therefore to each other, lives on. Separated paren...

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Dealing with employees who are in conflict

26th Jul 2019

It is a situation that most employers will have to deal with at some point. Throwing together a group of people and expecting them to get on with one another is something of a tall order. There are bound to be niggles (at best) and feuds (at worst). It can put an employer who just wants a harmonious...

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