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Making an Inheritance Act claim

11th Mar 2019

When a person makes a Will, they can usually expect its terms to be carried through after their death. We say ‘usually’ because there are situations in which people who had expected to benefit in particular ways from a Will can bring a legal challenge and, if successful, alter the inher...

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Redundancy and settlement

31st Jan 2019

Tesco is the latest employer to have attracted speculation about job cuts. According to reports, the supermarket is finalising a restructure in a bid to save £1.5bn. It is feared that this could cost up to 9,000 workers their jobs. Sadly, Tesco is not alone in facing difficult workforce decis...

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Modifying restrictive covenants

18th Jan 2019

When it comes to property, all is not always as it seems. Whether you have your eye on a simple piece of land, an office block, or a family home, a whole host of potentially thwarting issues can be lurking in the legal documents. It’s our job to find these and to make our property-buying clie...

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Accidents at work

21st Dec 2018

The workplace is generally a safe place to be. That is because employers put a great deal of effort into making it that way, so that workers can get on with their tasks and earn their pay.  That’s the theory. In practice, accidents happen at work just as they happen on pavements, in cars...

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