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Storage of Wills

31st Aug 2018

Most people feel a great sense of relief after having made a Will. They know that the right steps have been taken towards providing for their loved ones’ future. However, there is one vital thing that must also happen: the Will must be stored somewhere safe and secure. Solicitors will typical...

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Building disputes

17th Aug 2018

When it comes to residential and commercial building projects, a few hiccups along the way are to be expected. It might be a cracked tile, or the delayed delivery of windows. Or it might be something that poses a more serious risk to the project’s completion in line with your expectations, and...

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Unreasonable behaviour

10th Aug 2018

A court must be convinced that a marriage has irretrievably broken down before a divorce will be granted. The most common way in which husbands and wives in the UK demonstrate irretrievable breakdown is by showing that their partner’s behaviour has been unreasonable.  At one end of the s...

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The Bank of Mum and Dad

27th Jul 2018

For people struggling to scrape together the deposit for a new home, the idea of being able to dip into a pot of readily available cash has a dream-like quality. The so-called Bank of Mum and Dad – essentially, money provided by parents or other relatives – is a popular resource. Accord...

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Will disputes

6th Jul 2018

As solicitors who prepare Wills, we know that the last thing our clients want is for theirs to be challenged later on. A Will should provide certainty. It enables an individual to set out exactly who should benefit from their estate, and how, after their death. And a large part of what we help clie...

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Boundary disputes

15th Jun 2018

For those of us who see our home as a sanctuary, the idea of becoming embroiled in a disagreement with a neighbour is unappetising, to say the least. No sensible person would welcome a falling out with the people next door. But disagreements about the extent of each person’s property, and abo...

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