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Disputing Supervised Contact

13th Oct 2017

The welfare of children is paramount before, during, and after their parents’ separation or divorce. The law is clear about this, and it’s why there are rules and processes around where the child will live, and when and how they may spend time safely with their other parent or with anot...

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When is a Director not a Director?

22nd Sep 2017

It might sound like a strange question. But it’s one that should be on the radar of anyone who is running, or working in a senior position for, a company.  Directors are not always what they seem. And that’s largely because of the different categories that can exist. At the top are...

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A new way of recovering debts

11th Sep 2017

The way in which businesses should go about recovering debts is changing. On 1st October 2017, the Pre-Action Protocol for Debt Claims will come into force. It will require businesses (including sole traders) that are owed money by individuals (and not by another business, unless that business is a...

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Divorcing a spouse serving abroad

5th Sep 2017

Military life can sometimes seem a million miles away from life as a civilian. This is especially so when it comes to relationships. Marriage can be tough, whatever the context. But where one half of a couple is absent for periods of time because of overseas deployment, there are additional strains...

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What is a Deputyship?

18th Aug 2017

Most of us make informed choices every day. It’s part of normal life; we decide how to spend our money, how to manage our health, and much more besides. But what happens if we lose the ability to make decisions that are in our best interests? The answer in many cases is that the courts will a...

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