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What is Indemnity Insurance?

2nd Aug 2017

Anyone who has bought or sold a home will know about the checks that make up a large part of the conveyancing process. A buyer must understand what they’re buying. They need to know about any problems relating to the property, and about anything that might restrict their use of it. And they n...

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The Cost of Divorce

29th Jun 2017

Divorce comes with a significant price tag. There is no getting away from that fact, and it’s the reason some people decide that it’s better to stay married. And that is a decision based partly on the financial cost of divorce. There is the process itself; court fees and legal fees are...

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Civil Partnerships vs Marriage

23rd Jun 2017

March 2014. It’s when the first same-sex marriages happened in England and Wales, after the introduction of a new law. An alternative to a civil partnership, marriage offers men and men, and women and women, legal recognition of their relationship. According to the Office for National Statist...

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What is a Transfer of Equity?

15th Jun 2017

Anyone who has bought a home knows that the question of ownership is one of the early legal points to be decided. In whose name will the property be? On what basis will each party be able to lay claim to a share? Well, things change. The plans put in place at purchase don’t always stand the t...

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Franchising your Business

8th Jun 2017

McDonald’s, KFC, Burger King. They’re some of the biggest franchises out there. They are also among the most recognisable global brands. And that’s no coincidence. Franchising, done well, is a sure-fire way of growing a business. It makes household names of car rental companies, h...

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What is a flexible Life Interest Trust?

30th May 2017

Put simply, this is a way of protecting your assets after you have died. We all work hard. We all want to ensure that the money we have earned, the property we own, the possessions we’ve accumulated, are passed on to those we care about. A Will is the standard conduit for this; it sets out as...

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