Family Fixed Price - Financial Order


£500 + VAT plus disbursements to £600 + VAT and disbursements


Under our Fixed Price Service we will:

  • Take your instructions and advise on the implications and procedure in obtaining an order
  • Prepare an application for a Consent Order and summary of your finances
  • File documents with the Court
  • Go on the Court record as having acted for you
  • Send you the Final Consent Order
  • Only act on your behalf if you and your spouse have reached an agreement on all financial issues before we are instructed

Under our Fixed Price Service we will NOT:

  • Advise you as to whether a Clean Break Order is appropriate for you
  • Undertake any negotiations with your Spouse
  • Attend Court on your behalf
  • Implement any settlement, for example, transfer of assets
  • Deal with any assets which have associated tax issues, trust, third party interests, multiple debt issues, complex and/or multiple pensions or deal with business or foreign property

We will confirm that your case is suitable under our Fixed Fee Scheme, however, should it prove to be more complex, we will be able to carry out any additional work on our hourly fee service or alternatively, another package may be more suitable.

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