Family Fixed Price - Guided


£200 +VAT and disbursements to £300 +VAT and disbursements


  • Under our Fixed Price "Guided" Package we will:
  • Hold an initial meeting to advise on the process (limited to 30 minutes)
  • Advise you of documents and information required from you
  • Draft an application to commence divorce proceedings
  • Supply you with the relevant forms to complete the divorce

Under our Fixed Price Service we will NOT

  • Hold any further meetings free of charge
  • Advise you further once the application has been drafted
  • Amend your application due to incorrect or insufficient information being supplied by yourself
  • Obtain a copy of your marriage certificate on your behalf
  • Enter into any chargeable time (i.e. correspondence/telephone calls) with yourself or your spouse, their lawyer or the Court.
  • Deal with issues relating to Children or finances

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