Family Fixed Price - Managed


£600 + VAT and disbursements to £800 + VAT and disbursements


Under our Fixed Price 'Managed' Package we will:

  • Hold an initial meeting to advise on the process
  • Advise you of documents and information required from you
  • Draft an application to commence divorce proceedings
  • Liaise with your spouse or their lawyer prior to commencing the divorce and throughout the entire process
  • Once Acknowledgement of Service is received, we will prepare all relevant documents to progress the divorce
  • Advise you on the date for Decree Nisi and apply for Decree Absolute


Under our Fixed Price 'Managed' Package, we will NOT:

  • Deal with the case where either party is not a UK resident
  • Deal with any case where your partner cannot be found or refuses to co-operate
  • Deal with proceedings that become defended
  • Obtain a copy of your marriage certificate on your behalf
  • Attend Court
  • Deal with issues in respect of children or financial matters
  • Arrange any meetings with you that are not seen to be necessary to progress the application to complete the divorce

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