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For many separating couples, the main areas of dispute are usually around the financial settlement and any property that is jointly owned. This can be a real sticking point that doesn’t allow the divorce to be finalised. So it is in your best interests to work through these issues and to bring your divorce to a conclusion.

Our Andover solicitors help you to work together with your ex-spouse and their solicitor to achieve an outcome that is acceptable to you both and that allows you both to move on. Our solicitors are experienced in both negotiating financial settlements to a conclusion or preparing cases within the court procedure. Even when court proceedings aren't taken we still continue to negotiate within the court process.

Whatever way your financial settlement goes, we can help so get in touch with us today on 01264 353 411.

How We Can Help

By offering both options to achieve a financial settlement, we can clear up your financial and property disputes with the least amount of upset.

We encourage the use of mediation. We can help by providing the legal advice that is necessary to go alongside mediation. We can also put any agreements reached at mediation into court orders and have them ratified by the court process. Using mediation we will do all we can to help you to avoid having to go through the lengthy and expensive option of going to court. The cost will probably be an important driver for you both and avoiding court will help keep costs down.

However, if mediation is not an option, we will represent you so you can achieve the best possible settlement in the circumstances and we will aim to bring your case to conclusion as quickly as possible.

Why Choose Barker Son & Isherwood?

Our solicitors will help you to work through your options fully to try and to work towards a settlement. Either by using mediation or by negotiating the settlement through solicitors or using the court process.

Our ultimate aim is to work together to reach common ground and to remove some of the negative sides of divorce and replace them with a unified approach to resolution.

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For more information about how we can help you settle your financial and property dispute, please do get in touch and talk to one of our experienced family law specialists.

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