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Accidents Abroad

Being injured in an accident whilst on holiday abroad can be devastating. You will probably have saved up all year for this holiday and to have it ruined due to the negligence of the hotel or tour operator is not acceptable.

If you have booked a package holiday, then you will be covered by the Package Travel, Package Holiday Tours Regulations 1992. These Regulations allow you to pursue your tour operator for compensation for your injuries relating to either an accident or an illness caused due to their negligence.

You may also be able to claim for the loss of enjoyment of your holiday. For example, it might have been a special holiday such as your honeymoon or a Golden Wedding Anniversary.

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Types of Accidents Abroad

There are many circumstances in which you may suffer an accident whilst abroad. These could include:

Slips trips and falls in your hotel

Your Hotel and tour operator have a duty to provide you with a safe and hygienic hotel. Unfortunately, accidents can occur due to a slip on a marble floor where there has been a spillage, or due to a trip over a loose cable or broken tile. Serious accidents such as falling from an insecure balcony can lead to severe and sometimes catastrophic injuries.

Accidents can also happen in or by the pool, or on waterslides, or in the hotel restaurant.

Accidents in the Air

These are less common but accidents can happen whilst you are on the aeroplane or getting on or off it. For example a burn from a hot drink, luggage falling on your head from an overhead compartment or defects with the steps up to the aircraft. If you have had such an accident in the last 2 years then call us to discuss.

Cruise Ship Accidents

Cruise ship owners and tour operators have a duty of care towards anyone travelling on the ship. The Package Holiday Regulations apply to these accidents and so even though you may travel to several different destinations, the claim will be covered under UK law. Such accidents could include slipping on liquid, falling on a broken step, loose cables, poolside accidents. Call us if your accident occurred in the last 2 years.

Winter Activity Holidays Skiing or Snowboarding

If you enjoy skiing and snowboarding then you would hope that your destination will be a safe winter sports environment with qualified instructors as well as competent skiers. Sometimes this is not the case and accidents happen. Injuries can involve broken legs, wrists, head injuries and more. If you booked your holiday through a Package Company, you will be able to claim under the Package Holiday Regulations against your tour operator.

Excursion Accidents

It is possible for accidents to occur when on an excursion organised by your tour operator. Your tour operator has a duty to ensure that the excursion is safe. The accident could occur whilst on a snorkelling excursion, a boat ride or at a waterpark. These claims can be complicated, but please call us to discuss.

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