"The Great Barkers Bake Off"

17th Mar 2023

After a few years away from The Great Barkers Bake Off, we were delighted to celebrate our staff's baking talents once again with our annual bake off.  Congratulations to Amanda White for her delicious Coffee and Walnut cake.

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A spotlight on conveyancing

17th Mar 2023

As lawyers, we’re sometimes guilty of assuming everyone knows what we mean by terms like ‘conveyancing’. But it’s not all that common in everyday language, so if you’re not sure what conveyancing is, you won’t be alone. In a bid to raise the profile of conveyanci...

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International Women’s Day

8th Mar 2023

On International Women’s Day we would like to appreciate a woman who has been a pillar for the Firm for many years. Sandra started work within the legal sector as a legal secretary for another law firm in Andover and was asked her advice on a particular legal issue. When she gave her opinion,...

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Time to review your Will?

27th Jan 2023

It’s ‘Update your Will Week 2023’, the annual campaign by Solicitors for the Elderly. The idea is to raise awareness of the need to keep Wills under review and to update them as time and circumstances move on. Too few people do this. It means that the benefits that Wills provide &...

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The power of family mediation

17th Jan 2023

It’s Family Mediation Week. Each year, this campaign aims to make families more aware of mediation as an option for resolving their issues. This isn’t about mending marriages or fixing failing relationships – not directly, anyway. Mediation is a process of helping separated couple...

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Grandparents’ family rights

16th Dec 2022

For all the happiness that the festive season brings, this time of year can be incredibly difficult for people and families. The pressures brought about by the current social and economic climate are a huge challenge. those may be in addition to problems within families that are causing or exacerbat...

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Could yours be a ‘good’ divorce?

5th Dec 2022

Last week was Good Divorce Week, an annual awareness-raising campaign run by Resolution, the community of family justice professionals. The focus of this year’s campaign is the problems being experienced in the family courts. It also aims to draw attention to the ways in which families can re...

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