Flexible working and the pandemic

15th Oct 2021

It seems it’s taken a pandemic to show just how adaptable we can all be to different ways of living our lives. The workplace is one environment that has undergone huge change. The idea of flexible working has been elevated in the minds, aims and needs of employees and employers. But it remain...

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Furlough’s finished - so what next?

8th Oct 2021

As September drew to an end, so did the government’s Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme. Always intended to be a temporary measure to preserve jobs during the pandemic, furlough has been relied on significantly by UK employers and employees. According to the government, 11.6 million jobs have b...

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Can I change my child’s name?

10th Sep 2021

A person’s name usually carries much greater significance than a collection of letters written on a dotted line. A name is a personal identity. It’s why some parents agonise over what to call their baby, how to continue the passing down of a family name, and – increasingly frequent...

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Should I sell my house at auction?

6th Aug 2021

There is something undeniably exciting about a live auction. For sellers, bidders and observers alike, the process can be exhilarating. But is that necessarily something you’re looking for when trying to sell a house? For many people, the traditional market route continues to be the first cho...

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