What does it mean to be an attorney?

29th Jan 2021

When a person is appointed an attorney under a Lasting Power of Attorney, they take on a significant responsibility. For some, this can be a daunting prospect. An attorney makes certain decisions on behalf of a person (the ‘donor’) who no longer has the mental capacity to make decisions...

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Business LPAs

15th Jan 2021

We all know that planning for the future is a really sensible move. But it’s something many people put off. Planning for what life may have in store isn’t always seen as a priority; it may even be something you’d rather not think about. Uncertain as the future is, there can be rea...

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Losing the ability to make decisions

9th Dec 2020

For many people, the coronavirus pandemic has brought into focus the fragility of life. It has also been a lesson in just how quickly the things we all consider to be ‘normal’ can be taken away from daily life.   Now, imagine if you were to lose mental capacity and become unab...

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Is now the time to divorce?

6th Nov 2020

It’s a sign of these times that planning may seem rather futile. Uncertainty is rife, and most of us are resigned to putting arrangements on hold for the time being. However, life goes on and as Family Law solicitors, we are continuing to see the pressures that are on families, whether compou...

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Parental alienation

25th Sep 2020

If you have been through a separation you will probably have felt emotions ranging from anger, to sadness, to relief. It can be near impossible for those feelings to be hidden entirely and nor should they be. However from time to time, harm can come from things said and done during and after a divo...

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Calling time on the bank of mum and dad

18th Sep 2020

Calling time on the bank of mum and dad? The current stamp duty holiday may be one major reason to consider a climb up the property ladder. But for first-time buyers, news in recent weeks that one of the UK’s biggest mortgage lenders, Nationwide, has temporarily tightened its rules around dep...

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Serious personal injury claims

14th Aug 2020

Accidents happen. It’s a well worn saying usually intended to help put minor events into perspective. But where someone else is to blame for an accident, particularly one that has serious consequences, that shouldn’t simply be accepted as one of life’s inevitabilities. In a legal...

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Parenting during a pandemic

4th Aug 2020

Family life has been tested in all sorts of ways by COVID-19. One is where separated parents cannot agree on arrangements for their children. In the early days of the pandemic, this was mainly about where the child should live and whether (and how) that child should maintain contact with both paren...

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