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Equality and Diversity

We are committed to eliminating discrimination and promoting Equality and Diversity in our dealings with employees, partners, clients and other third parties.

Barker Son & Isherwood LLP Equality and Diversity Data 2017

In June/July 2017 we carried out a diversity survey of all those working in the firm. Completion of the survey was voluntary and 88% of the work force responded.


82% of our workforce is female and 18% male.


The age distribution is:

16-24 8.5%

25-34 21%

35-44 8.5%

45-54 32.5%

55-64 25%

65+ 4.5%

Preferred not to say 0%


The results were:

British/English/Welsh/Northern Irish/Scottish 95%

Other                                                                5%


5% of people preferred not to say whether they were suffering from a disability in accordance with the Equality Act but also considered they were limited by that disability.


29.5% attended an Independent School

70.5% attended State School

50% did not attend University

33.5% attended University as first generation and 16.5% attended University but not as the first generation to do so.

Caring Responsibilities

33.5% had responsibilities caring for a child. 66.5% had no such responsibilities.

12.5% gave help and support to family members, friends, neighbours or others because of long term ill health, disability or problems related to old age and  8.5% spent in the region of 1-19 hours a week doing so - whilst 4.5% spent 50 hours a week.