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Being injured in an accident can be devastating. No matter whether your injuries are life-changing or not so serious, your life will be affected. If you were injured as a result of someone else’s negligence, then you could make a personal injury claim for compensation.

It is right that you are given the opportunity to get back to how you were before your accident without being out of pocket or disadvantaged in any way, particularly if you have to take time off from work.

Talk to our Andover-based personal injury solicitors about your accident circumstances and we’ll do all we can to help.

Types of Personal Injury Claims

There are a number of accidents that could result in injury. Some of these are:

As you can see, there are many different types of injuries. Overall, the circumstances of the accident will decide whether you can make a claim or not. It is important for us to understand what happened in your accident so we can properly advise you about your next steps.

How We Can Help

There are so many things to consider when making a personal injury claim. That is why it is so important to use a specialist solicitor to make your claim. The Law Society says that people who use a solicitor to make a personal injury claim get about three times more compensation than those who don’t.

This is simply because we know the law and what can be included in your claim. You can claim compensation for the injury itself, and any ongoing medical problems caused as a result of your injury. In addition, you can also claim for any lost earnings, treatment costs and travelling expenses, prescriptions and care provided by friends and family.

Our Personal Injury Lawyers are lead by Deborah Lewis who has been specialising in personal injury claims for over 20 years. She is an Accredited Litigator with the Association of Personal Injury Lawyers.

Our Andover solicitors offer you a free initial discussion about the circumstances of your accident, so we can advise you on the prospects of making a successful claim. We are happy to carry out this meeting in person or on the phone. If you are in hospital, we can come and see you there.

Once we know you have a good case, our personal injury solicitors will explore all the options for funding your claim with you and come up with the option that provides you with the best possible outcome.

Talk to us today to find out how we can help you recover the compensation you deserve.

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