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If you live in Amesbury and are seeking a solicitor, look no further than Barker Son & Isherwood LLP. While our central office is in Andover, our expert solicitors are more than willing to arrange meetings in the comfort of your Amesbury residence.

Our firm boasts dedicated teams that cover an expansive range of areas including Family Law, Employment Law, Private Client, Property, Litigation, and Personal Injury. This ensures we're well-prepared to cater to a diverse array of legal needs. It’s worth highlighting that many of our solicitors have connections to Amesbury and the surrounding Wiltshire villages, providing us with invaluable local insights.

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Legal Advice for Family, Employment, Estate, and Property Concerns


If family challenges are weighing on you, our family solicitor team is primed to handle nuanced situations with utmost care and precision. Armed with a thorough understanding of family law nuances, we pledge to provide tailored counsel and solutions that resonate with your unique circumstances. Similarly, for those grappling with employment-related queries or disputes, our employment solicitor ensemble is ready to deliver clear and actionable legal insights, placing your welfare and rights in a prime position.

Our private client services remain holistic, adeptly managing everything from intricate estate planning to wills and probate. For individuals delving into property ventures, be they residential or commercial, you can trust our property services team. Drawing from their vast experience, they're committed to guiding you through every juncture, making intricate procedures more approachable.

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How We Can Meet You

You can either come to our office in Andover, or we are more than happy to visit you at your home in Amesbury. In situations where in-person interactions might not be the best fit, we’ve adapted to the times, offering remote consultations via video conferencing, tailored to fit into your schedule seamlessly.

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Considering a trip to our Andover office? We're conveniently located on Andover High Street with the added benefit of nearby parking options. Those opting for public transport will find the Andover train station just a short walk away. As you step into our office, you'll be met with genuine smiles, reflecting our firm's long-standing ethos of dedicated service to the communities of Wiltshire and Hampshire for countless decades.

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Find out more about how we can help you in your circumstances by contacting us. You can call us on 01264 353411email us at info@bsandi.co.uk or complete our online enquiry form.