Road Traffic Offences

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 If you have been charged with a road traffic offence, this could be absolutely devastating for you and your family. Particularly if you drive for a living and you are facing a ban from driving perhaps because of totting up or another more serious driving offence.

Whatever the circumstances, we can offer you advice on what you can do and what your next steps should be. Get in touch with our experienced motoring team on 01264 353 411 to find out more. Please click here for pricing, timescales and key stages for motoring offences.

Types of Motoring Offences

We can assist you with a wide range of motoring offences, however, the sooner you get in touch with us for advice the better. We offer help and advice with offences such as:

  • Speeding

  • Driving without insurance

  • Fixed Penalty Notices

  • Mobile phones and texting

  • Driving without due care

  • Drink driving

  • Driving whilst disqualified

  • Vehicle construction and use offences

  • Dangerous driving

  • Causing death by driving without due care

  • Causing death by dangerous driving

These offences vary in seriousness but ultimately they can all threaten the same thing, which is a ban from driving. We can look at ways of reducing the impact of the offence and look at ways to mitigate you during sentencing. However, we can only do that if you contact our Andover office as soon as you are notified of the charges. This applies whether this is a court summons or a fixed penalty notice.

Penalties For Motoring Offences

The penalty you face will largely depend on the seriousness of the offence.

A speeding offence may attract a fine of about £100 and three points on your licence and a serious offence could attract a fine of £500 or more, up to 6 penalty points or an immediate ban. A drink driving offence could result in a £5,000 fine, between 3 to 9 penalty points on your licence, a driving ban of at least 12 months and potentially a prison sentence.

There is also a real danger of falling foul of the totting up rule. Where you get 12 points on your driving licence in a three year period, you face an immediate 6-month driving ban and this may be added onto any ban for the offence you are already facing. It does not matter if you have been caught speeding only a few miles an hour over the speed limit or if you have been caught drink driving, the totting up rule will still apply. However, with careful case preparation, we can sometimes reduce that minimum ban or avoid it altogether.

It is really important that you give us the opportunity to help, as we could make a real difference to your case.

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