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Being sure that divorce is the right thing for you and your family is difficult. It is the conclusion everyone should reach before they embark on the process that will draw their marriage to an end.

However, getting to that point is not always straightforward. It is not always clear that a relationship has irretrievably broken down (the essential element of any divorce). Family pressures can lead to ‘bad patches’, which may or may not culminate in things breaking down for good.

It is important to take your time to really reflect on your relationship and on what divorce would mean for you and those around you. Speaking with a member of our family team in those early days can help you. It could help you build a picture of what the divorce process would involve and how your life could look afterwards.

At Barker Son & Isherwood, we are committed to helping you reduce the amount of conflict you and your family go through when getting divorced.

At our first meeting, we will discuss costs with you. This way you are clear about this from the start.

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