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Probate and Estate Administration

Losing someone you love can be very upsetting. You may be wanting to spend time coming to terms with your loss and you may not want the additional responsibility of being the executor of the Will.

You should not worry though as we can help you through the process of probate as quickly and professionally as possible and ensure that the wishes of your loved one are carried out

Depending on the circumstances and regardless of whether there was a Will or not, Probate still needs to be obtained and we can help you do this. Call us today on 01264 353 411 for a no obligation discussion about your circumstances.

What Is Probate?

Probate is the legal process of obtaining the right to deal with someone’s estate after they have died. If they left a Will, they may have appointed you as executor in their Will, in which case you can apply for Probate. If there is no Will your right to deal with the estate will be dealt with by the Intestacy Rules.

There are some circumstances where you may not need to obtain probate, but for most estates you do.

You should remember though that as executor or administrator, you are legally responsible for ensuring that all inheritance tax owed on the estate and all debts are paid and any money outstanding is recovered and finally that the estate is distributed correctly.

Should there be a legal challenge on the Will or on Probate, then you will be involved in this too.

How Can Barker Son & Isherwood Help?

There is an awful lot to do as an executor of a Will or an administrator where there is no Will and managing the probate process is one of them. It can be difficult to find time to grieve for the loss of your loved one with all of the paperwork, time pressures and other legal requirements you need to manage.

That is where we can step in. You can transfer the duties of the Executor or administrator to us very easily and even retain the right to act in the future should you change your mind.

In addition, we will complete probate as quickly as we can by utilising our many years of experience.

Whilst cost is a consideration, we will talk you through all of the options and give you a good idea of what the process will cost right at the start. We provide a variety of services including a number of fixed fee options.

Get in touch with us now for a no obligation discussion about your circumstances.

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You can call us for an informal discussion about probate and estate administration on 01264 353 411 or if you would rather, you can get in touch by email on probate@bsandi.co.uk or complete our Online Enquiry Form and we’ll be in touch shortly.

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