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It’s that time of year again. Time for two big words: Divorce Day..

 Much is made in the media of the first Monday in January, dubbed ‘Divorce Day’ because it’s apparently the most popular day in the year for filing divorce petitions… and there is something to that. As Family Law solicitors, we certainly see an increase in the number of clients in early January who have made the decision to set the divorce wheels in motion. 

 That decision has often been cemented by a difficult Christmas period during which a couple tried to hold it together. For the sake of the children, parents aimed to ‘get through’ Christmas. Some even think of Christmas as a last shot to see if the relationship is salvageable. However, once January arrives, with its messages of new beginnings and kick-starts, it is the symbolic nudge that leads many to take the plunge.

 Any good Family Law solicitor will be keen to make sure that their client is firmly decided before embarking on divorce. It’s not an easy process. The emotional challenges are well documented, and the practical steps that need to be taken – establishing the extent of assets, negotiating arrangements for the future – can really take their toll, too.

 For the vast majority of divorcing couples, however, divorce is the right step to take. If handled well, both by solicitors and by those at the centre of it, it really needn’t be the bitter and acrimonious process it’s often assumed to be. There are ways of helping couples deal constructively with the things that need to be dealt with and ways of avoiding getting into drawn-out proceedings that stand to further damage family relationships.

 So, our message for 2020 is a positive one. If you’ve tried everything and feel that divorce is the way to go for you, speak to us about starting the legal process. We’ll make sure you understand your options and what divorce would mean for you. We will endeavor to help set up a future for you that allows you to move on with confidence.

For advice about divorce or any other aspect of Family Law, contact contact one of our specialist solicitors on info@bsandi.co.uk or 01264 353411. We would be delighted to help you.

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