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As lawyers, we’re sometimes guilty of assuming everyone knows what we mean by terms like ‘conveyancing’. But it’s not all that common in everyday language, so if you’re not sure what conveyancing is, you won’t be alone.

In a bid to raise the profile of conveyancing, and conveyancers, ‘National Conveyancing Week’ has been launched. Set to run from 20 to 24 March, the event will shine a spotlight on what conveyancing involves so that there’s better general understanding of the role a conveyancer plays in people’s lives.

So, what is conveyancing?

It’s a specialist area of a law that focuses on transferring legal ownership of a property from one person (or ‘party’) to another. You’ll need a conveyancer if you’re looking to buy a new house. The conveyancer (who may be a solicitor or another legally qualified person, like a legal executive), will help you through the process of selling your existing home, if you have one, by making sure all the documentation is in place. The same conveyancer will help you buy your new home, which includes carrying out checks to make sure you understand exactly what you’re buying and are happy to go ahead. These checks include ‘searches’ of official records to see if there are any issues relating to things like water and drainage, or if the property is subject to restrictions or conditions, for example. (There are lots of different searches that will routinely be carried out.)

But it’s not just selling or buying a home that will call for a conveyancer. If you are looking to re-mortgage your property to fund a new extension, a conveyancer will help you with that. Or if you want to add your partner’s name to the title deeds of your home so that they become part-owner – a process known as a ‘transfer of equity’ - that’s a job for a conveyancer, too.

Having a specialist conveyancer on your side means you can be confident that your transaction will be dealt with thoroughly and professionally. Issues with the property, finance, or with your buyers/sellers may arise, but an experienced conveyancer will be able to help you through those. It’s about finding the one you trust to do the best job for you.

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