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Most of us start a new year with plans for improving ourselves and our situations. For some, these intentions include moving on from a marriage that isn’t working. However, is now the right time to make such a big call?

For many families, it is absolutely the right decision. People don’t tend to embark on divorce lightly; it usually follows a long period of trying to make things work or perhaps a single incident that has caused irreparable damage to the relationship. A new year brings fresh hope and the impetus to bring about some positive change. It’s that offer of ‘a new beginning’ that resonates so loudly with people whose marriages are, despite best efforts, not as they hoped they would be. For them, separation and divorce may be exactly what’s needed.

However, it’s not always as clear-cut. We have advised clients whose minds are not entirely made up. We’ve helped others make sure that theirs is not a hasty decision made in response to a difficult period in their lives. There are certainly situations in which people may table the idea of divorce without fully appreciating what it would mean for them and their family.

Everyone knows what divorce is but less is generally known about the process and the possible outcomes. People sometimes make assumptions about how their assets would be divided and contact with children maintained based on the experiences of divorced friends. However, it’s so important to get good, early advice on your own particular situation and on how the law could work for- and against- you. This is on top of being certain that the marriage has irretrievably broken down.

Our message is: be sure. Be sure that divorce is the right step for you and your partner to take. A large part of this is accepting that the route to divorce will be difficult at times but knowing that, ultimately, it would be for the best for you and your family.  Talking things through with a family lawyer can be a great step towards getting clarity on where you stand, without committing you to setting the divorce process in motion. In fact, clients often come to us to better understand their legal position before broaching the subject of divorce with their husband or wife. Some never go on to have that conversation, deciding instead to give their marriage another go.

Whatever your situation, it pays to be informed. If you’re thinking about separation or divorce, our team is here to help.

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