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Given everything that is going on, having to cancel the office Christmas bash may not be the worst thing that could happen. In fact, some employers will be breathing a sigh of relief that they won’t have to deal with the usual issues that arise when workers, alcohol and over-exuberance combine.

But for all its potential downsides, the Christmas party is a significant occasion for a business and its employees. It is a chance to come together and to bond. It’s an opportunity to give and receive recognition for a year’s hard work. Done well, it reminds workers that they’re valued.

This is a message that workforces need to receive, after another difficult 12 months. Even those businesses that will emerge from 2021 relatively unscathed will have faced challenges in dealing with Covid and the new ways of working it has forced through. While these changes have had upsides, they have required careful handling by employers. Remote working, for example, has had to be closely monitored to ensure that workers can continue to do their jobs and that the distance placed between employees and employers doesn’t destabilize the relationship. A close eye has had to be kept on performance and on physical and mental health, across the organisation. And workers need to have been supported in remaining invested in their role and in their employer.

These efforts continue to be important in the current climate, as employers’ recruitment and retention challenges have ramped up. And the end of the calendar year is always a good time to reflect and to reinforce positivity within a business. The absence of a Christmas party shouldn’t change that. What could you do instead to acknowledge efforts and achievements? How could you send the right messages to your workforce? This is all worth considering. Because taking care of staff is a wise investment in their health, happiness and lasting commitment to your business.

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