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The welfare of children is paramount before, during, and after their parents’ separation or divorce.

The law is clear about this, and it’s why there are rules and processes around where the child will live, and when and how they may spend time safely with their other parent or with another family member. This can be extremely challenging for parents to accept. Perhaps one does not want their child to be in the other’s company. From the opposite perspective, perhaps there are feelings of injustice as their child is seen to have been taken away from them.

Contact supervised by a responsible person such as a grandparent, is one option where there is a need to protect the child in some way. While it is generally considered to be a safe way of maintaining a connection between a child and their father, mother, or other relative that will not necessarily remove doubts and concerns from a parent’s mind. It may follow a particularly acrimonious separation. Or perhaps the contact is between the child and a family member who has been absent from their life for some time. There may be concerns about what might be said to the child, or how they might be treated.

If you are worried that the contact that is in place for your child is not appropriate, talk to your solicitor straight away. They will listen to your concerns and advise you on any steps that could be taken - whether through correspondence, mediation, or (if it were to come to it) an application to the family court, to change the arrangement.

We regularly deal with these types of situations. And we know that feelings around family break-up and children’s welfare are usually intense and can be difficult to manage. That is why we work hard to help clients take a step back; to drill down into their worries and concerns and to assess the risks. In some situations, there is a definite need to take action. In others, it is a case of monitoring the situation to ensure that the child’s interests are being best served.

But the first step is to get advice. If you are worried in any way about a contact order that a court has put in place, talk to your solicitor. Early intervention by experienced professionals can be essential.

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