When a New Year Means a New Beginning

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As 2023 has drawn to a close, thoughts turn to the year ahead. For some couples January will mark the start of a new life, living separately. 

It’s true that family law solicitors like us see a rise in enquiries about separation and divorce in the post-Christmas period. For some couples, the festive season is a time ‘to get through’ for the sake of the wider family. Sometimes its pressures bring deep-seated problems to the surface and with January’s promise of better times ahead, one or both halves of a couple may decide to start the legal process of untying their relationship. 

However divorce (or dissolution, in the case of civil partnerships) has its challenges, and so it’s important to understand what is involved and the difficulties it can present. We work closely with clients to explain the various steps and the things that will be required of them, from financial disclosure, to discussions around splitting assets. As part of this we explain how mediation can offer a way through where both parties are able and willing to cooperate in reaching a divorce settlement between themselves. 

Of course, this all comes after making sure divorce is the right step to take. It’s certainly not something people enter into lightly and being satisfied that you’ve explored alternatives to divorce and that this really is the end of the road for your relationship, is vital. Although the divorce process can be stopped if that’s what you and your partner go on to decide, that comes at the cost of the time, energy and money you have invested in it. Therefore it is wise to be certain that your relationship is over (that it has ‘irretrievably broken down’) before putting the wheels in motion.   

It is a good idea to surround yourself with the right people as you consider all of this. Lean on friends and family members as you weigh up your options and, if it comes to it, go through the divorce. Choose a family law solicitor you trust to be alongside you with the best advice and support at every turn because having this network of people who care about you and about the outcome of your divorce will keep you going as you navigate the ups and downs. 

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