How do I locate a Will belonging to relative who has died?

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To be in a position to honour the wishes of a relative or friend who’s died, you must find their Will. Hopefully the person who died will have told you where to find their Will so you should be in a position to go straight to it.

It’s not always that straightforward though and finding a Will can be difficult. Here are some tips for you.

  • Check their property – the most likely place for you to find their Will or at least a copy is at their property. Whether they rented or owned their own home, checking through their important papers may lead you to their Will. If you only find a copy and not the original, it should give you some idea of who holds the original.
  • Speak to other relatives – they may have been told where to find the Will and could help you locate it without too much effort.
  • Speak to their solicitor – if you know that your relative always used a certain solicitor for their legal requirements, it’s possible that they have the Will. It’s worth giving them a call to ask if they know where the Will is.
  • Check online – you can search probate records online in England and Wales. You can find any Will that has already been given a grant of representation. This is OK if you are looking to see what was contained in someone’s Will to see if you were left any provision, but this process will not help if you are just trying to locate a Will.

If there is no Will, then the rules of Intestacy are used and the law will decide who inherits what from the estate.

It’s so important to have conversations with your family and loved ones before you die so that you make sure they know where to find you’re Will.

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