"I am being treated badly at work – can I get help?"

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Yes, is the simple answer.

Employers have strict duties to make sure that those working for them are treated fairly and in line with specific laws that apply to workplaces. So if you feel you are being treated badly, you should certainly look into what you could do about it. A specialist employment law solicitor is a good port of call, as they will be able to give you a good idea straightaway if what is happening at work is fair or not.

It is so important to unpick the situation at an early stage. Your solicitor will help do this, and will look at things both from your perspective and from your employer’s to understand what’s going on. Sometimes, unfairness is obvious. But things aren’t always black and white. Have you been excluded from a project because your manager doesn’t like you, or because it’s a colleague’s turn to take that role? Has your request for a two-week holiday been turned down because your boss thinks you don’t work hard enough, or because it’s workplace policy not to allow more than a week off in one go? Where a worker believes they have been badly treated, we often agree – but we’ll tell you if we don’t. That honest advice is key if you are resolve things in the best way.

Some employees who contact us are nervous that by doing so they could be putting their job on the line. They worry that seeking legal advice is a formal step that sets them on a path towards a full-blown confrontation with their employer. But that is not necessarily what needs to happen, nor is it what happens in many of the situations we help people deal with. For example, it’s perfectly possible (and it can be a really good idea) for your solicitor to be in the background, helping you understand the conversations you should have with your employer and even how you should word your emails.

So, the message is that if you feel unfairly treated, don’t suffer in silence. Find out where you stand. Because handling issues early on, and in the right way, can make all the difference to their resolution.

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