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If you drive for a living, facing a driving disqualification could be disastrous. Whether you drive a long-distance haulage truck or a delivery van, a taxi cab or a company car, there are many circumstances in which not being able to drive means that you simply cannot do your job.

There are many motoring offences where a driving ban could follow, either as an immediate penalty or as a result of a totting up of points on your licence. The most common is a speeding offence. Hundreds of thousands of motorists face speeding charges every year, whether caught on camera or in person by the police.

If you're only just exceeding the limit, you may be let off with a verbal warning or an invitation to attend a speed awareness course (at your own expense). Otherwise, the minimum Fixed Penalty Notice is three points on your driving licence and a £100 fine. More serious speeding fines can result in up to £2500 and six penalty points. You can also get a disqualification for speeding.

If you want to contest a Fixed Penalty Notice, or if the police intend to prosecute you with the possibility of a heavier penalty, then you should get legal advice from a solicitor specialising in motoring law as soon as possible. We can help but time is of the essence so get in touch with us straight away, this will enable us to stand a better chance of reducing the penalty or indeed of helping you prove your innocence.

Remember that if you're going to plead not guilty, you have to prove: that you were not speeding; that you were not the driver of the car; that it was a case of mistaken identity; or, that proper notice of the speed limit was not given. In any other case, it is likely that you should plead guilty with mitigating circumstances.

Richard Gregory will be happy to assist with any speeding offence advice and assistance. Richard can be contacted on 01264 325811 or via email: rgregory@bsandi.co.uk.



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