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On International Women’s Day we would like to appreciate a woman who has been a pillar for the Firm for many years.

Sandra started work within the legal sector as a legal secretary for another law firm in Andover and was asked her advice on a particular legal issue. When she gave her opinion, she was told she was wrong and that if she thought she knew better than a qualified solicitor, she had better qualify herself.

That is exactly what Sandra did when she joined Barker Son & Isherwood LLP 41 years ago as a legal secretary in the Property Department. Sandra trained with Barker Son & Isherwood LLP qualifying as a Solicitor in 1984 finding her niche in Family Law. Sandra became the first female Partner within the law firms in Andover.

Sandra is an extremely sensitive, capable and pragmatic solicitor who has assisted many people in their lives through their most difficult experiences and times. She comes highly recommended by a vast amount of her past clients and is highly regarded in the local area and further afield.

Sandra has dedicated a lot of her working career to being a Director at the Andover Crisis Centre which help deal with all aspects of domestic violence, offering counselling services, safeguarding children and re-housing women and their families when required. Sandra has been heavily involved with their respective management committees.

Not only assisting on a charitable basis with management committees, Sandra is a valuable Partner of Barker Son & Isherwood LLP helping it thrive to the Firm that it is today.

Sandra thoroughly deserves a rested and relaxing retirement. She will be sorely missed by many working at Barker Son & Isherwood LLP together with her clients and we wish her a very happy retirement. Sandra retires on 31st March 2023.

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