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It’s a sign of these times that planning may seem rather futile. Uncertainty is rife, and most of us are resigned to putting arrangements on hold for the time being.

However, life goes on and as Family Law solicitors, we are continuing to see the pressures that are on families, whether compounded or caused by Covid-19. People in unhappy marriages are keen for a way out but one thing that may be holding them back, is concern that the state of their relationship is a symptom of the pandemic and all it has brought.

That should certainly be factored into your thinking. We would advise anyone contemplating divorce to make sure that it’s what they want for the long-term and that it’s not a reaction to what could be a temporary change in personal circumstances. You should be clear that your marriage has broken down and that the problems you are having are irreparable – either because you’ve tried, the issues are too great or you simply don’t have the inclination to keep working at it.  

Of course there is nothing to say that now is or isn’t a ‘good’ time to divorce. It depends on each couple’s situation and that means that even during a pandemic marital difficulty shouldn’t be ignored, sidelined or necessarily put on the backburner. If you are unhappy in your relationship, try to communicate with your partner as openly and honestly as possible. Look into ways of working through problems, with the help of an independent third party if that’s necessary. Do take into account the additional emotional and financial pressures that are bearing down on people and relationships at the moment. If after all this you feel things have reached the end of the line, speak to a trusted Family Law solicitor about potentially beginning the divorce process.

Many clients are actually talking to us at earlier stages – some at the very outset, when they’re worried that their relationship is sliding off course and want to know what divorce could mean for them. This can be a wise move because once you know what your options are and how life would change as a result; you can begin to take steps towards resolving things one way or the other.  

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