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Accidents happen. But not all accidents lead to a successful legal claim and a financial award.

As well as proving that the accident was someone else’s fault, you would need to show that you suffered a ‘loss’ because of it. A loss can take a number of different forms, from financial to physical. And one of the first things your solicitor will want to establish is how you have been affected by what happened. Understanding this will enable them to put a value on your claim and advise you how best to proceed.

If you were injured, you could have a claim for personal injury. Lawyers like us are able to give clients a good indication of likely personal injury awards based on cases that have been decided in the past and a standard tariff that links types of injuries with appropriate compensation figures. With the help of medical reports detailing your physical and/or mental condition, we’re usually able to place a fairly accurate figure on what you stand to recover if you were to win your case at court. This means we’re also able to try to negotiate a settlement before things get that far.

What does a personal injury claim usually include?

Each claim will be different when it comes to the details of what happened and the effects on the injured person’s life. But it is usual to see a claim for pain and suffering, to compensate the person for the injury they suffered. It’s also usual to see other losses, including lost earnings and expenses such as any home adaptations relating to the injury, and the cost of travel to and from hospital appointments. You may also be able to claim for future losses like ongoing loss of income and care and rehabilitation costs.

Like any other legal claim, personal injury claims are carefully put together and backed up by evidence. You’ll need to be able to prove that you have suffered - and in the case of future losses, will suffer - the losses you’re claiming. So, make sure to keep good records of everything that happens post-accident, including receipts for things that relate to your injury.

The overarching point to bear in mind when it comes to an accident-related claim is that compensation is supposed to (as much as it can) put you in the position you would have been in had the accident not happened. Of course, where you have been injured, it isn’t possible for a sum of money to undo that injury. But in all other respects, you are claiming for things you have lost or stand to lose because of your accident. So, far from being a windfall, personal injury compensation is a fair and measured amount that should give you the best chance of recovering – physically, mentally and financially - from what happened.

Remember that strict time limits apply to personal injury claims, so if you think you may have a case, contact one of our specialists today on 01264 353411 or at info@bsandi.co.uk

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