My Employer is not accepting liability for an accident at work – what should I do?

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Your employer is obliged by law to keep you safe whilst you are at work. Equally, you are expected to follow the rules, policies and procedures put in place by your employer to ensure that you are kept safe at work.

Thankfully most of the time we do work safely, however sometimes accidents do happen and using the term “accident” is often incorrect as blame can normally be apportioned to either the employer, the worker or both.

Therefore, if your employer is not accepting at least some of the responsibility for your accident, it is worth talking to an experienced personal injury solicitor.

They will discuss the circumstances of the accident and they can, using their expertise in the area, establish who was at fault for the accident.

It could be that all your employer needs is a letter from a solicitor to advise them that you have legal representation and that this will encourage them to move the process along and admit liability.

However, if the circumstances of the accident are such that it may be easy for your employer to deny responsibility, you should prepare yourself as there may be a long road to settlement.

Usually, your employer’s insurance company are behind a denial of liability and this may mean that your claim goes all the way to court. This may cause you some concern, and obviously avoiding a court case and being compensated for your injuries would be the ideal outcome, but if your solicitor believes that you have a good chance of winning, the chances are that your employer’s insurance company will offer you a settlement before ending up in court and having to pay your legal costs as well as their own.

Follow the advice of your solicitor, who will guide you through the process. Remember, they want you to win your case and get the compensation you deserve. Be prepared in case your claim goes on for some time and remember, if your employer was responsible for your injuries, it is only right and fair that they compensate you for those injuries.

If you would like more information about liability, accidents at work or your employer’s responsibilities to you whilst you are at work, please do get in touch. You can call Julian Cole on 01264 325805 or email: who will be happy to advise and assist  you regarding your accident.

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