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There is an expectation these days that the internet offers the answers to pretty much everything. And, just as it feeds us the information we’re looking for, it provides the tools that make many things in life possible or easier to carry out.

So there is nothing unexpected about the idea of an online divorce. In fact, for many people it offers a quick solution to a difficult situation. An online divorce is accessible. It’s usually pretty straightforward. It can be done and dusted relatively speedily. It won’t cost the earth. It’s no surprise, therefore, that some divorcing couples choose to take the online route. 

You might expect us, as specialist divorce lawyers, to be completely opposed to online divorce. We’re not. We know that it’s a service that suits some people, and we’re all for choice. That said, we think it’s important that people understand its limitations. It will deliver a divorce, yes. But will it be a divorce worth having?

Online divorce is a remote service. There is no divorce specialist sitting by your side explaining what divorce will mean for you; what you’re entitled to receive from your partner; what will happen to the family home; what arrangements should be put in place for your children.

That is the job of a divorce solicitor. They are the person who will be totally committed to protecting your best interests as you go through your divorce and go about moving on with your life. They’ll fill out the forms, advise, negotiate, formalise, represent you at court (if need be), and prop you up during the more difficult parts of the divorce process. They’ll make sure that you get your full entitlement and that you’re set up for the future. It’s what they (we) do every day of the week.

We’re not saying that every divorcing couple must instruct a divorce lawyer; there is no obligation to. And if yours is likely to be a very straightforward divorce – there are no children involved, few assets, and you and your partner agree terms, for example – an online divorce could be right for you.

But we are very much of the view (as people and not just as lawyers) that divorce is such a significant event in a family’s life that it really does pay to make sure it’s done properly. By that, we mean reaching the best possible arrangements for you, for your children, and for your wider family. And we think that’s more likely to happen when you’ve had the advice and support of a professional.

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