Redundancy & Settlement Agreements

Nov 1, 2019

If you are facing redundancy we know it can be a difficult time. We are here to advise you on all the legal aspects. Employers should have a clear, defined redundancy process and discuss with an employee ways to avoid redundancy including the offer of alternative employment. There should be a fair procedure. However sometimes, unfortunately, redundancy just cannot be avoided especially, for example, if a store or business is to close.

Most redundancies are concluded with a settlement agreement which records the terms upon which an employee will leave. Often it will include  enhanced payment terms above the statutory minimum. We advise on all aspects of redundancy and in particular the settlement agreement itself. To be binding the agreement must be in a particular form and explained by an employment lawyer. We can often identify amendments to be made to a draft agreement, for an employee's advantage and we frequently negotiate better financial terms for our clients.

 It is sensible to obtain legal advice if you think you are going to be made redundant and certainly when you receive a settlement agreement and before you sign it.

We advise many local people in relation to their settlement agreements. We will provide free initial advice either by telephone or you can drop into any of our offices. Andover is convenient for many people. Your employers will usually pay the costs of our advising you in relation to the settlement agreement.

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