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Accidents happen. It’s a well worn saying usually intended to help put minor events into perspective.

But where someone else is to blame for an accident, particularly one that has serious consequences, that shouldn’t simply be accepted as one of life’s inevitabilities. In a legal context, there may be grounds for bringing a personal injury claim. And in some cases this will be essential.

Where someone has suffered a serious personal injury – a brain injury, paraplegia, or the loss of a limb, for example - the effects are catastrophic for them and for their family. These injuries are life-changing. They turn people’s lives upside down and are a huge daily challenge - physically, emotionally, practically, financially.  

A successful legal claim goes some way towards making the injured person’s life, and the lives of those close to them, a little easier. Compensation is about funding rehabilitation, medical expenses, house alterations, income. so The precise nature of the claim and its various elements will depend on the case and the type and extent of the injury suffered. And as personal injury lawyers, it’s our job to define the claim – to establish what is needed in order to help get the injured person’s life back on track - and to fight for the best possible outcome.  Serious personal injury claims will include claims for  substantial compensation for pain and suffering, injuries and continuing symptoms and all past losses such as loss of earnings and care. Many of these claims include very substantial  amounts for future that can be  ongoing, for a lifetime ahead.

Each serious personal injury case is challenging for those at the centre of it. They call for close scrutiny of what happened and who was at fault, and it’s  essential to hear from medical experts about the injury and its prognosis. And from all other appropriate experts to accurately assist in assessing past and future loss. But these cases can lead to hugely positive outcomes for families who would struggle to a far greater extent without the financial and other provisions put in place following a negotiated settlement or a successful court hearing.

So we encourage anyone who feels they may have a claim to speak to a specialist serious personal injury solicitor urgently. Strict deadlines apply to bringing these types of claim and so it’s important not to delay. Lawyers like us will be able to tell you if we think you have a good basis for bringing a claim, and what the value of that claim is likely to be. We’ll also talk you through the process so that you can decide whether or not to go ahead.

Richard Gregory, Head of our Litigation Team has over 35 years of experience dealing closely with injured people and their families and has recovered substantial compensation for hundreds of injured people over the years. Individual serious injury  claims that we have dealt with have led to awards of compensation from £25,000 to several £million.

Our initial advice is always free and we will do everything we can to ensure you can proceed with the case if it has good prospects of success, including acting on a “no win, no fee” basis.

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