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Divorce comes with a significant price tag. There is no getting away from that fact, and it’s the reason some people decide that it’s better to stay married.

And that is a decision based partly on the financial cost of divorce. There is the process itself; court fees and legal fees are a necessary but unwelcome expense for most couples. In particularly complex or difficult cases, these will be higher as family law solicitors unravel the financial affairs and work towards a settlement – or fight the case in court if it comes to it. 

Then there’s the settlement itself which usually sets at least one half of the couple back. Splitting the family assets and making provision for the future of a spouse and any dependents can be a bitter pill for the person who has the most to give – and to lose – from the separation.  And of course that is on top of the cost of living apart while still supporting the family home and children.

But divorce costs in other ways, too. It isn’t a quick process, and there is usually a lot to sort out. So we always advise clients to be prepared to invest a fair bit of time in sorting out the practicalities – getting financial statements in order, for example.

Then there is the emotional cost. It’s sometimes underestimated by divorcing couples whose resolve to achieve an amicable clean break is put to the test at various points in the process. We talk to clients about this very early on, because it’s important that you’re prepared for what will be a challenging time.

There is no getting away from these costs. But using the right family law solicitor is key to keeping them as low as possible. A good lawyer will work economically and will never surprise you with their charges. They’ll help with the practical issues, calling on contacts and on other specialists in their firm – conveyancers, for example – to make sure that the practicalities of separation and divorce are dealt with as swiftly and smoothly as possible. And, while the pressures and strains of divorce can’t be removed entirely, lawyers like us will offer the support that lightens the emotional load.

Perhaps the real question in all of this is: is the cost worth the outcome? We have never come across a client who has said that it wasn’t.  

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