The Cost of the ‘Pothole'

Jun 8, 2015

Britain’s roads are in an extremely bad state of disrepair and the cost of putting them right might seem to make it pointless to repair them.

 However, the cost to you where the local authority has not carried out its duties could be greater.

 Potholes represent a very real hazard to drivers, motorcyclists and pedestrians alike.

 The chances of having an accident, through a blown tyre or simply just losing control of your car/motorbike/pushbike could have substantial consequences and result in serious injury and losses.

 Pedestrians too, are equally at risk from potholes or poorly maintained paving.

 It may seem like just ‘one of those things’ however you may be able to make a successful claim and recover your losses through compensation for your injuries.

 We try to ensure that you receive quick, practical advice relating to your claim and are able to offer you an initial interview, totally free of charge and possibly ‘NO WIN, NO FEE’ arrangements.

 For further information and to discuss your situation, please ring or email our Personal Injury Team, who will be happy to discuss this with you.  Tel: 01264 325833, email:

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