When Exactly Is The Best Time To Write My Will

Dec 20, 2016

Writing a Will is a task that most people “leave for another time”. However, there are certain key life triggers that should jump you into action to ensure your nearest and dearest are taken care of. And most importantly, they are not burdened with the daunting task of sorting everything out unguided.

  • Buying or Investing in a Property

Increasing your portfolio of properties or owning a home are substantial assets and will inevitably increase the value of your estate. This affects how your beneficiaries are provided for and any significant change should urge you to re-evaluate or make, your Will.

  • Marriage and Divorce

If you already have a Will, unless specifically stated within it, your Will is revoked the moment you get married. Similarly, if you are getting divorced, although your Will is not revoked, the aspects that refer to your ex-husband or wife will be void.

During these key life events, it is very important you revise or make your Will.

  • An Addition to the Family

This is a very special time for everybody involved. It is a fantastic time to ensure that your bundles of joy are adequately provided for and looked after by the guardians you choose. It can be viewed as an insurance policy to ensure they are protected in the future.

Although these key events trigger people to make a Will, it is never too early to plan for the future.

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