Why are LPAs so important for military personnel?

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An LPA is a Lasting Power of Attorney. This is a legal document that appoints a trusted person or people to make important decisions in the event that you become unable to do so for yourself.

These decisions can be about property and finances. They can also be about health and welfare. The benefit of having an LPA in place is knowing that, if it were to come to it, those decisions would be placed in the hands of close relatives, friends, or professionals – people you are confident would make the best choices for you and your family. Without an LPA, this would be left to the Court of Protection.

Everyone should have an LPA. But, among military personnel, there really ought to be a drive to make LPAs a standard part of the kit for deployment – something to put in place as a matter of course. An overseas posting can leave personal property and financial affairs neglected, as a spouse or other family member will not necessarily have the legal right to handle matters in your absence. More worryingly is a scenario in which mental capacity is lost through injury, perhaps while on deployment. Without an LPA and named attorneys having been put in place, loved ones will usually have to go through a process of applying to the Court to be granted power to act as your Deputy. It can be a difficult, costly and time-consuming process.

Contrast that with the process of making an LPA, which can be relatively quick and inexpensive in comparison. But far and away the biggest advantage of making an LPA is the peace of mind it gives. Knowing that your future, and that of your family, will be taken care of in the event that illness, accident, or military duties prevent you from making important day-to-day and life decisions comes as a great comfort. Further, you are in control of deciding who will be able to act on your behalf if necessary. This is why we encourage all our clients – and particularly those in the armed forces – to make this type of planning a priority.

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