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Sometimes when you are in business, you find yourself in an unavoidable dispute with one of your employees, a supplier or perhaps even a customer or client.

A dispute can cause disruption to your business and take your focus away from your bottom line.

Therefore, your priority will be to bring the dispute to an end as quickly as possible. Our Andover solicitors can help you to achieve this through dispute resolution.

What Is Dispute Resolution?

There are a number of different types of dispute resolution. However, their aim is the same; to avoid litigation and the courts entirely and come to an agreement.

The options you may come across in business are either mediation or arbitration if the dispute involves a supplier, customer or client. However, if you are faced with a dispute from an employee, you have to try early conciliation before the case can go to a tribunal.

How We Can Help

Understanding your business dispute, how it relates to your business and how to resolve it is really important. Because our Andover law firm works with businesses big and small, we have an understanding of how your dispute will affect you.

Using all our expertise, we will do all we can to bring your dispute to a conclusion as soon as possible. This way you can go back to focusing on your business.

In addition, we will discuss our costs at the outset. So you are clear about the costs involved, and there are no nasty surprises at the end of the dispute,

For a different approach to disputes, get in touch with our experienced solicitor team now.

And if the dispute cannot be resolved?

If the dispute cannot be resolved and has to go to Court or a Tribunal, we can provide advice and case preparation through to a trial or final hearing. We will provide full details of the likely cost and timescales, consider a strategy for dealing with the case. Even after the case has started, we keep an eye on the possibility of settling the case and saving costs before the trial hearing.

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