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If you are involved in a dispute, you are probably feeling upset and stressed by the situation. It is, therefore, important to bring the dispute to a close. Either by resolving it or by taking your case to court and asking a judge to make a decision for you. This is called litigation.

We can help you to understand your dispute more clearly and to assist you in making a decision about whether to try dispute resolution or whether the situation has escalated to the point of court action. Either way, we can help.

How Can Barker Son & Isherwood Help?

There are a number of different disputes that may be affecting you and we can offer you the advice you need when faced with any of them. They are:

These are some of the most common disputes that you may be facing and we can help you to understand what your next steps should be and whether dispute resolution could work for you.

Dispute Resolution or Litigation?

There are pros and cons for both of these options and you may decide to try dispute resolution before considering litigation.

The basis of dispute resolution is to involve an impartial third party, called a mediator. The mediator will hear from both sides and then make a ruling. The mediator acts as a judge would in court. Mediation is quicker and more cost-effective than going to court, however, the mediator’s decision is not legally binding and. Therefore, the losing party can simply ignore the judgment.

You must therefore weigh up the cost of mediation not working and then needing to litigate to resolve your dispute.

We can help you to weigh up these risks and decide which route is best for you.

Why Choose Us?

We have been providing the local Hampshire community with legal services now for many years and we can put all of our knowledge and experience into your situation. We will help you to resolve your dispute either through mediation or through litigation as quickly as we can.

Our language is always plain and straightforward, with no legal jargon or complicated legal language. This is because it is important that you are clear about what your options are.

Get in touch today to find out how our Andover solicitors can help.

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