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When someone close to you dies, it is always a difficult time. You are probably struggling to come to terms with your loss. When you are faced with a dispute about the Will, your inheritance or probate of the estate, it makes the whole situation even more difficult.

We do understand what a stressful time this is for you. By getting advice from our Andover solicitor team about the dispute, you can better understand what happens next and how to bring your dispute to an end.

There are deadlines in place for challenging a Will or Probate, so call us now on 01264 353 411 for advice.

Types of Wills and Probate Disputes

Will and Probate disputes can take many forms. You may be the one challenging the Will. Alternatively, you may be acting as Executor of the estate and be facing a challenge to the Will from someone else in your family. Whatever the circumstances, we can help.

Some of the reasons for contesting a Will are:

  • It was changed shortly before your loved one died, handwritten and excluded most people who were close relations

  • It is invalid due to not complying with the legal requirements in the Wills Act 1837

  • Your loved one had a lack of capacity when they made the Will

  • There is no financial provision made for a member of the family

  • The signature does not look right

  • You have been excluded from the Will and you are a close family member

You can see there are a number of reasons that you could challenge a Will, or perhaps face a challenge from a relative.

Where there is a challenge to a Will, this means that Probate cannot be completed until the dispute with the Will is resolved.

How We Can Help

Our years of experience in Probate and Wills gives us the expertise we need to bring your dispute to a close.

We understand that you feel worried and upset by the dispute. Therefore, we aim to move things forward to a conclusion as quickly as we can.

You are probably concerned about the cost of legal representation. There are options available that we can discuss with you. These are ‘No Win No Fee’ agreements, if appropriate. We offer competitive rates with a local Hampshire law firm service, which aspect is missing from many of the larger law firms.

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