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When you are involved in a dispute with your neighbour, your life can be seriously affected. You may even feel that your home is not your own anymore. Because of the way neighbour disputes can escalate, it is important that you try to resolve your dispute as early as possible.

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How We Can Help

Neighbour disputes can take many forms and be a result of many different issues, such as:

  • Boundary disputes

  • Noise

  • Damage to your property

  • Hedge or tree disputes

  • Shared facilitates maintenance

  • Anti-social behaviour

  • Threats or violence

When you are faced with a situation where you cannot come to an agreement with your neighbour, then you will need help to bring it to resolution. There are a couple of ways this can happen.

Mediation or a Court Case?

You have two options open to you if you are in dispute with your neighbour for whatever reason. The first option you should consider is mediation.

This is cheaper and faster than going to court and should be explored before considering litigation. A mediator, who is a fully trained and independent third party, will listen to you and your neighbour and make a decision based on the information you both provide.

Where your dispute has escalated to the point that mediation is not an option, going to court, known as litigating, remains your only choice. This is an expensive, lengthy and potentially risky option. However, it does ensure that whatever the judge decides, it is legally binding. In mediation, this is not the case.

Why Choose Barker Son & Isherwood?

Using our years of local knowledge and experience in representing clients just like you, we will use this expertise when dealing with your neighbour dispute.

We know how important it is for you to be up to date with the progress of your case at all times. Therefore, we provide email addresses and direct dial telephone numbers to your solicitor so you are always fully informed.

At the start of your case, we will be clear about your legal position, provide you with an idea of cost, and discuss all available options with you, including your chances of success.

Our aim is to support you through the legal process, bringing your case to conclusion with the best possible outcome for you.

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