Residential Conveyancing

Schedule of Additional Costs

Acting for Second Mortgage Lender on redemption. Fee per mortgage £195.00 plus VAT £39.00 (Total £234.00)
Acting for the redemption of a Help to Buy Loan £295.00 plus VAT £59.00 (Total £354.00)
If title deeds contain a covenant requiring consent to works carried out at the property and this has not been obtained, we will need to apply for retrospective consent for the covenant, i.e. the person having the benefit of covenant. Fee per covenantee. £150.00 plus VAT £30.00 (Total £180.00)
If you require us to complete the legal formalities in respect of your sale in 5 working days or less of exchange of Contracts, we will charge an expedition fee of £100.00 plus VAT £20.00 (Total £120.00)
If the title of your new property is presently unregistered, extra time and work will be involved in compulsory first registration at The Land Registry. £295.00 plus VAT £59.00 (Total £354.00)
If the title of your present property is presently unregistered, extra time and work will be involved in proving title to your buyers. £295.00 plus VAT £59.00 (Total £354.00)
If the title to your present property needs amendments at land registry prior to completion. £195.00 plus VAT £39.00 (Total £234.00)
Attending occupiers to get Deed of Postponement signed for mortgagee £295.00 plus VAT £59.00 (Total £354.00)
If an Indemnity Policy is required because of a Title defect, charges for arranging policy (in addition to the premium payable). £95.00 plus VAT £19.00 (Total £114.00)
If a Statutory Declaration is required for some reason, charged on a time basis but with a minimum of £95.00 plus VAT £19.00 (Total £114.00)
Preparation and registration of Deed of Covenant as required by Lease or deeds £95.00 plus VAT £19.00 (Total £114.00)
Charges for dealing with contemporaneous Consumer Credit Act loan with main lender £195.00 plus VAT £39.00 (Total £234.00)
In dealing with a management company in connection with a sale, purchase, remortgage or transfer of a freehold title. £195.00 plus VAT £39.00 (Total £234.00)
If we are required to check an overage clause £295.00 plus VAT £59.00 (Total £354.00). Drafting of an overage deal with be charge as per the below.
NB. If any non-routine matters arise and we need to spend additional time to deal with these, our time spent will be charged at the file rate. However, we will identify such matters to you beforehand and will give you our best estimate at that time of the extent of any additional costs which may be incurred under this heading and will request your written agreement before we proceed further.

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