Settlement Agreements

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Sometimes the relationship between you and your employer breaks down. Or something happens at work that results in difficulties working together anymore.

Your employer may not dismiss you as they could possibly breach employment law, but they do not want you working with them any longer.

This is when they would offer you a settlement agreement. This would mean that you would walk away from your job and would not take your employer to an employment tribunal. In return, you would receive a payout and normally a reference to take along to your next employer.

You can see there are benefits to the consideration of a settlement agreement. However, you need to be clear about exactly what the implications are for you. If you do accept it, as it is a legally binding document. 

You should also remember that you are under no obligation to accept a settlement agreement. But you should think carefully and get advice from our Andover solicitors about what may happen if you don’t accept it.

How We Can Help

When you enter into a settlement agreement, you need legal advice from an independent source. It is to give you clear information about what this agreement means if you do accept it. This forms part of the agreement and is a legal requirement. 

Your employer will pick up these costs as long as the advice you are seeking is relatively simple. Where the agreement is complex, you may be required to meet some of these costs. You do need to go into a settlement agreement with your eyes open though. Good independent advice from an experienced employment law solicitor is vital.

Our experienced solicitor team can talk to you about the agreement, its contents and what you can and cannot do after signing the agreement. We can give you advice about whether we think the financial settlement offered is enough to give up any rights to an employment tribunal. We can also help identify any weaknesses in the agreement that you may use to your advantage.

In short, Barker Son & Isherwood can ensure that you understand clearly what this agreement is, what you will get from it and its restrictions.

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