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Fire and rehire – is it ever acceptable?

11th Jun 2021

There has been a great deal of scrutiny in recent months of an established, but controversial, workplace practice. ‘Fire and rehire’ has been the approach taken by some employers during the pandemic to bring about changes to employees’ contracts. The idea is that where an employee...

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I’ve been injured at work

21st May 2021

Workplace health and safety has been in the spotlight more than ever in the last few months, with employers under pressure to reduce Covid risks to their lowest possible level. Keeping workers safe is a key responsibility. And it’s one that most organisations take extremely seriously. But acc...

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Taking the voluntary route

14th May 2021

Employers often enter into redundancy with a heavy heart. It can mean losing good people who have served them well over the years. It also means embarking on a process that will suck up a significant amount of HR and management time. But it’s all done with the interests of the business in mind...

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