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Injury at Work? Will I still get paid?

13th Mar 2018

It’s impossible to eliminate risk from life. But it’s reasonable for most people to expect the risk of being injured at work to be small. That is because employers have strict duties to protect the health and safety of workers. When something goes wrong, there is usually a period of abs...

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Redundancy & Settlement Agreements

6th Feb 2018

If you are facing redundancy we know it can be a difficult time. We are here to advise you on all the legal aspects. Employers should have a clear, defined redundancy process and discuss with an employee ways to avoid redundancy including the offer of alternative employment. There should be a fair p...

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What legal formation is best for your business?

25th Jan 2018

You’ve come up with a brand. You’ve honed your product or service. Your business may look like it’s ready to go. But there are important formalities to get right first. And one of the most significant decisions that you will need to make at this early stage is about the legal statu...

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The Divorce Lottery

12th Jan 2018

It’s impossible to accurately predict at the outset what each party to a marriage will walk away with on divorce. The picture becomes clearer as the process goes on, but the fact remains that divorce settlements are the result of various assessments and discussions. There isn’t a formul...

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