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The Divorce Lottery

12th Jan 2018

It’s impossible to accurately predict at the outset what each party to a marriage will walk away with on divorce. The picture becomes clearer as the process goes on, but the fact remains that divorce settlements are the result of various assessments and discussions. There isn’t a formul...

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Motoring Offences

5th Jan 2018

There are motoring offences and there are motoring offences. Some, like not wearing a seat belt, attract relatively low penalties and are viewed – individually, at least – as being minor in nature. At the other end of the spectrum are motoring offences that cause death or serious injury...

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CARE HOME FEES - will the NHS pay?

21st Dec 2017

A resident in a care home is now likely to be paying care fees of around £1000 a week, if not more – that is over £52,000 a year. Many people are aware that they can request a financial assessment by their local Social Services Department to see if they are eligible for thei...

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What is a Joint or Reserve Attorney?

8th Dec 2017

It is difficult for any individual to imagine a time in their life when normal, day-to-day decisions are beyond them. But that is the reality for many people. The loss of mental capacity, whether through illness or an accident, is not only devastating for the person of the centre at this, but for t...

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Buying a property on a tight budget?

22nd Nov 2017

It’s a sign of the times that many would-be first-time buyers are resigned to renting. But the good news is that there are schemes out there to help these buyers become homeowners. Here is a brief look at some of what’s on offer: Help to Buy: ISA By regularly putting money into this s...

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Do I need a Solicitor as my Executor?

3rd Nov 2017

The executor of a Will is a position of responsibility. It is the executor’s job to carry out the wishes expressed by a person before they died and to comply with any legal requirements, such as paying any taxes due on the deceased’s estate. While some aspects of this will be straightfo...

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