Continuing Danger for Cyclists on British Roads

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The Government has recently published statistics detailing the number of cycling accidents on Britain’s roads in 2021 and 2022.  These statistics had been awaited with interest as cycling fatalities in 2020 had increased by some 40% from the previous year, and there was a concern that the surge in popularity of cycling during the Covid lockdown would lead to a long-term increase in cycling-related deaths and serious injuries on British roads.

It is with some relief that the Government’s statistics show that in both 2021 and 2022, the number of deaths per annum fell considerably from 141 in 2020 to 111 deaths in 2021 and 91 deaths in 2022.  Of course, even one cycling death is too many, but a downturn in fatalities in our cycling fraternity is a welcome sight.

However, whilst the number of deaths has fallen considerably, sadly the number of cyclists seriously injured overall remained fairly static with 4,281 seriously injured in 2020, 4,296 in 2021 and 4,056 seriously injured in 2022. The level of serious injuries is all the more concerning when at the beginning of 2022 the Government produced a comprehensively updated Highway Code putting cyclists in a clear position of importance over car drivers on our roads and yet cyclists continue to be injured by careless drivers.

The Government’s findings reveal that 56% of pedal cycle deaths or serious injuries were on Britain’s rural road network. This is a timely reminder to those cyclists living in more rural areas around Hampshire and Wiltshire that extra vigilance is needed on minor roads, which one may be forgiven for thinking would be safer than those in busy built-up areas.  It is reported that the main cause of cycling accidents is, “the driver or rider failing to look properly” and therefore the adage of, “Look, look, and look again”, particularly at road junctions, seems as relevant as ever.

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